Installation Guides

These installation guides are general in nature. 

Prior to installation: Surfaces should be dry and cleaned free of dirt or other substances that may interfere with adhesion, as well as the removal of any sharp protrusions. Over some substrates such as O.S.B., Fiberglass faced Gypsum sheathing, concrete and masonry, primer may be required to ensure adequate adhesion of WaterBlock (WFM) Waterproof Flashing Membrane. Test a small sample of WaterBlock (WFM) Waterproof Flashing Membrane on all substrates prior to application. If adhesion is inadequate, adhesion may be improved by priming the surface with an approved SBS modified bitumen primer.

Limitations:  Do not leave products permanently exposed, cover as soon as possible. 90 day maximum exposure.  Waterproof Flashing Membrane not to be used in direct contact with flexible PVC/Vinyl membranes or gaskets.  Some sealants may discolor if in contact with bitumen compound or may soften compound. Contact sealant manufacturer and window manufacturer for recommended sealant when using bitumious-based flashing.